The Future

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STAGE 1  (100% complete)

Development of approx. 20 reliable and profitable minions using our on in house development systems. This will be almost exclusively forex.

These strategies are all longer term trading styles that won’t deliver much excitement but will, over time, produce solid steady returns. This sets a solid base for the future plans and improvements that are in store.

This is the current makeup of Stage 1. strategies...


This is where it starts getting serious about diversity, accountability and profitability

In short, we will build on what we already have and add to our stable of strategies to increase profitability and diversity even more.

  1. We now look at diversifying into development of non forex trading strategies including commodities, equities, metals, indices and crypto currency. Our development systems are capable of producing similar style strategies to our Stage1 strategies where they will essentially be ‘safe, steady as she goes’ strategies.

  2. We also start diversifying into more active trading (scalping) strategies to improve profitability in slow times. We will be investing in external programmers and even third party strategies to achieve this. The addition of scalpers will increase overall profitability of ERIC and help eliminate the ‘slow’  times which also aids investor confidence.

  3. We will ramp up and systemise our monitoring of existing strategies to help with ‘portfolio makeup’ decisions. If strategies aren’t performing as predicted we can tweak or remove them from ERIC. If some strategies are performing very well, we may increase trading sizes to increase overall profitability. ERIC will be dynamic.

  4. We will also invest heavily into computer hardware, software and cloud services to speed up development and testing systems as well as improve delivery systems to clients.


This is now where it gets very exciting. ERIC by now is a solid, profit making machine so we can diversify even further. We aim to have a number of ERIC’s with different risk and investment profiles.  For example, we may have a Crypto ERIC whereby he trades only crypto currencies like bitcoin. Or we could have one that simply trades Gold and Silver. The possibilities are endless and will be based on performance and consumer demand. Of course, the ongoing monitoring and development will increase to cater for the expansion of ERIC.


To turn $10K into $1M in 9 years (including paying 30% tax per year)

This is the 100% focus and here is how it will be done…Firstly, we average only 6% per month consistently and we end up doubling our money each year.

We are well on our way to achieving this already. Of course, some months will be higher and others lower but on average we are aiming for a minimum of 6% per month.

Then we look at the longer the longer term.

If we get 6% per month, we double our money each year - simple. The compounding effect of this is huge. Now we have to factor in taxes on profits each year so we have reasonably included a 30% annual tax rate. Here is what that looks like…

In only 9 years, including paying taxes, we have cleared a cool $1M from a starting point of only $10K.

We will be starting this equity growth account with $10K in 2022 and will use that as a benchmark for ERIC’s performance over time. It will be 100% transparent and will help to keep focus on the real objective of ERIC - which is to double our money each year - SAFELY.