Stage 1.

In the beginning, we will be using low risk automated trading software developed using Strategy Quant software.

This is some absolutely amazing software that utilises the power of the computer to test literally millions of permutations of potential trading signals to find a very few that actually work. Better still, we can really test the robustness of any strategy to ensure that the foundation of the strategy is solid and that no ‘curve fitting’ has occurred. We now have quite a few strategies that have passed the test and are allowed to be connected to ERIC. 

On average it takes 100 - 200 computer hours to get just one strategy that can pass the rigorous development and testing procedures. In that process, we produce and disregard approximtately 1 million strategies that don’t pass the test. It’s a very rigorous process.

Once we have at least 20 working strategies and have proven the process and technology we will move on to stage 2.

Stage 2.

Increase computer power, both physical and cloud based to ramp up developments and improvements.

Increase development and monitoring staff to improve development of software systems as well as improving the technical backend.

Add different markets to ERIC including:

  • Commodities

  • Crypto currencies

  • Indices

Stage 3.

The final and more mature stage:

  • There will be different versions of ERIC to choose from to suit your individual investment profiles.

  • Technical systems will be state of the art

  • Development systems will have evolved to be even better and more accurate

  • Monitoring systems will have evolved so that non performing minions are removed or improved as quickly as possible

  • Results will speak for themselves and early members will be reaping the benefits very cheaply