ERIC is growing and evolving quickly and may seem confusing at first glance. We are now producing these technical and operational reports to assist you in getting a greater understanding of ERIC. 

29th July 2021

How we diversify ERIC to make it stable and more profitable?

Since ERIC is made up of multiple sub strategies (20 at the moment) it is very similar to designing, say, a portfolio of shares. If you are investing in shares, it’s not wise to have all your money in just one company for obvious reasons. That’s why fund managers diversify your share portfolio to give you coverage across a range of different sectors and also risk profiles within each of these sectors.

With ERIC, it is no different. Your investment is essentially split up into 20 individual automated trading strategies and we have to ensure that these 20 strategies will give great diversity. If they all traded very similarly, then it would be like putting everything on RED at the casino. Since ERIC is a solid investment vehicle, we aim to give as much diversity as possible to reduce risk whilst at the same time, seeking good profits overall.


Download this report and you will see the results of how all of our strategies perform when working together as a portfolio and how the diversity enhances overall performance.

Report: ERIC's Portfolio Design (pdf document)

16th July 2021

Why we focus on capital protection as a priority?

It may seem simple academically, but we'd really like to explain why we focus on Capital Protection as the number one priority with Profitability coming in at a close second. By doing this, we know will be here and be very profitable in 10 years time (and beyond). Most other strategies will have failed dismally and left a trail of hurt in their wake.

Report - Why we focus on capital protection as a priority?   pdf document

1st July 2021

Stage 1 completed

We achieved our stated goal of completing Stage 1 by end of June  and we look back at what we have accomplished since we started this project a year ago. It has been slow, but it has also been very productive by building a  really solid base to launch from here on.  Exciting times ahead!

Report - Stage 1 completed   pdf document

29th April 2021

Why trading losses are so important?

It may seem strange to celebrate small trading losses but they really are an integral component to any successful trading system/strategy. Read on to find out why?...

Report - Why trading losses are so important?  pdf document

23rd March 2021

What to expect in every day trading?

A brief report giving you a great insight into what to expect on your account once you have connected to ERIC.

What to expect in every day trading?     pdf document

23rd March 2021

ASIC leverage changes?

You may have seen or received a lot of information recently about changes to leverage because of the new rules imposed to all Australian CFD brokers by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Read this report to find out why this WILL NOT affect ERIC at all - In fact ERIC was designed with these rules in mind.

ASIC leverage changes pdf document

23rd March 2021

The Development Process - Stage 1.

After 9 months full time focus, we are at approximately 75% of completing our first target of Stage 1.

This brief report is designed to give you an idea of how we develop our strategies that make up ERIC and a glimpse of what we plan in Stage 2.

The Development Process - Stage 1. pdf document