Promote ERIC and Earn $

We want ERIC to be like a club. A very friendly, trustworthy club made up of like minded individuals who want to see each other succeed. We envisage growth to be organic and mainly word of mouth as we believe that is the most sustainable way to grow. Saying that, it will only grow if the product works and we are 100% sure that it does and will only get better.

Getting in with ERIC early offers many benefits, as it should as you are seeing the long term potential benefits and acting early. You will be rewarded handsomely for this. So much so, that you could easily have your membership paid by referring only 2 people and actually make money after that. This is all before earning profits from ERIC.

Major benefits of being a foundation VIP member

As a bonus for becoming a foundation member you will only pay the initial reduced membership fee only and nothing else - ever. You can also earn 50% commissions on ALL referrals that you do - forever. 

You WON’T be paying any monthly or annual fees either.

To participate please contact us at and we will supply you with affiliate details.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.