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MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS have been made based on the last 2 years live development and performance.

In a nutshell:

  • We now only have one (1) master ERIC account to save confusion 
  • Risk per trade has been reduced to a maximum of 0.5% of account balance
  • No trading over weekend (all trades are closed on Friday night)
  • Increased number of trading strategies and currency pairs (aiming for 50 by years end)
  • This all aimed to deliver steadier returns with reduced risk and volatility

Please bear with us whilst we update all the new details on this website. Thank you



We have just started a new blog with the launch of ERIC v3.0

This is where we will put important or interesting information for VIP members only. Click Here


For clients who were caught in the rogue trades of the old ERIC and want to see what the latest developments are. Click Here

VIP email

We have a dedicated email address for VIP member communications. Please use for a priority response

ERIC's Minions

ERIC is made up of many different bots (automated trading strategies). We call these his 'Minions'. Each one only plays a small part but together they add up to deliver great results. Minions will come and go depending on performance. To find out what Minions are currently connected to ERIC, please click here.

Current Performance

Find out how ERIC is performing so far.   more...

Connect to ERIC

Detailed instructions on how to connect your trading account to ERIC using our new trade copier service? Here are steps.   more...

Promote ERIC and earn $

If you love ERIC, why not share your enthusiasm and earn some extra dollars at the same time.   more...


For the more advanced users. For a limited timed we are allowing you to download the actual trading strategies for each minion so  you can test or run them yourself..   more...