Key Personnel

Keith Nielsen Ass Dip Elec Eng. Diploma in Financial Markets

Keith lives in Brisbane, Australia and has had over 2 decades in the front lines of various financial markets.

Keith's passion has always been trying to understand and tame the various markets. It stems from his inquisitive mind, combined with his engineering and finance background. He founded and built The Inside Trader, one of the most successful online stock market advisory services. Launched in 1999 it quickly grew to 40,000 + subscribers. 

Since moving on from there he has put all of his focus into the forex markets.  Cold hard experience, both positive and, more importantly, negative has given Keith the insight and knowledge to know exactly how to build a full time, sustainable system that will work for the long haul.   ERIC the BOT is the end result of all this experience.

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His best selling book

Apart from being founder and CEO of The Inside Trader, a long running and well respected stock market research company, he is also the author of 2 published books, had his own radio show and was a regular contributor to many newspapers and magazines. 

The Nielsen Supply Demand and Smart Money Indicators were his invention. 

He has always had a long running passion for trying to solve complex problems and the unique tools he has developed have proven themselves through all markets.

Some of Keith’s other work and inputs through his career

The Future

In addition to Keith, we also have a pool of international software developers and coders that produce high end work. Going forward, we aim to have more traders come on board and expand into futures, commodities and various other trading instruments to add diversity.