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You can still get a great deal as an 'early adopter' though.

STOP PRESS - CRYPTO ERIC to be launched next year - SNEAK PREVIEW

ERIC is a true money making machine ready to work for you...


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Please have another detailed look around the site and we're sure that you'll see for yourself that ERIC can help you with your future financial growth. Here are some basic bullet points:

Some of ERIC’s Impressive Features

  • ERIC is an automated trading system like no other in existence

  • Targeting 6% per month with very low risk* 

  • Designed to profit even during market crashes.

  • No technical skills required. We have made it very simple for you to connect to ERIC

  • Based on 15 years of constant Research and Development of automated systems PLUS full time, professional real life trading experience

  • Developed over the last 21 months full time at a conservative cost of $200,000

  • Risk is small and defined upfrontYour capital is protected with multiple fail-safe systems in place so you can sleep easy.

  • Your money is your money and we don't want it. We simply allow ERIC to trade it for you.

  • After only a few months, it is expected that your initial capital is 100% protected meaning it is a risk free investment from then.

  • ERIC is designed to be adaptive, improvable, resilient and long lasting

  • Hands off system  Once set up, ERIC will trade automatically. You don’t do anything.

  • Multiple risk settings to suit your risk profile

  • No lock in contracts. You can use ERIC for one month or 20 years. It’s up to you.

  • 100% Australian owned