We make connecting ERIC to your own trading account really easy. Here is a basic overview:

1. Open and fund an fx trading account

2. Subscribe to our trade copier service

3. Connect to ERIC and your account will copy ERIC's trades automatically


Open and fund your own trading account

  • You open and fund a 

    Metatrader 4 (MT4) OR Metatrader 5 (MT5) trading account with any reputable forex broker in your name

  • You can also use a demo account if you prefer so that you get a good understanding of how it all works without risking any money. You can change to a real account whenever you want.

Note: We have been using Pepperstone brokers for a decade and highly recommend them. They are Australian, well established, reliable platform and regulated by Australian authorities.  Click here for more information

To copy ERIC's trades to your account, we use an advanced trade copier service ( that offers greater reliability and ease of use. Just follow these steps below...

Or you can request us to do it with via our Trade Copier Changeover Service


First you have to subscribe to the 4xsolutions trade copy service by clicking this link..

IMPORTANT: The price should be US$15 p/m. If the price comes up as $60 instead of $15 for the service (it may not) you will have to subscribe to the basic $15 plan from here first: 


Once logged in, come back and click this link to get to the ERIC TRADING SIGNAL

How to subscribe to the ERIC trading signal - basic tutorial

This is an example of connecting to and old account but yours will look similar except it will be ERIC v3.0

1. Once you click through to our signals page you will see something like this..

2. Click on the 'More Information' button and you will see something like this...

3. Click on the 'Subscribe' button and you will come to this page where you sign up to the 4xsolutions trade copy service. 

4. Complete this form

5. Complete payment details to subscribe to copy service.

Note: you can cancel anytime.

6. This will take you to your main portal page and you'll see you have signed up to the trade replicator basic plan as well as being subscribed to ERIC. . From here you need to go to 'Trade Replicator

7. Now you can start adding details of your account so it will copy ERIC's trades...

Click the 'Advanced' icon

8. Input your account details and set the fields as per example below. 

NOTE: in the 'Suffix' field please input '  .a  ' as this is the suffix used by ERIC's broker for currency pairs. It will probably work without adding but just in case...

9. Now click on the 'Risk Management' tab in the middle to add settings to protect your account.

The settings you see here are suggested but you can do anything you want if you understand it. This is set up so that you get a warning if your account falls 15% below the last 'high water mark'. ie the peak that your account has ever been. if the accounts hiits a 20% drawdown, then it will close all trades and stop trade copying. 

IMPORTANT: Please use a MINUS SIGN before the percentage amount you want to input. EG if you want a warning when the account is at 15% drawdown then input -15

NOTE: This protection is very, very unlikely to be hit with the way ERIC trades and protects capital but it is a great backstop to have so that you can sleep even easier at night.

10. Save these settings by clicking the green 'save' icon


Now, just sit back and watch the magic.

NOTE: For any specific questions or issues with the trade copying, you can deal directly with 4xsolutions. They have a great help desk.