Compounding could be classed as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World". By keeping your profits and using them to help grow your capital, the end result is an exponential effect. This is true for any investment that shows consistent returns.

By default, ERIC will only risk 0.5% of your capital for every trade. This is a conservative and sensible approach that suits most investors. However, if you have a greater appetite for risk, or using some spare risk capital, then we can turbo charge ERIC's results very easily.

Below are the results of the compounding effects using ERIC's portfolio over 7+years using different risk profiles. The results are self explantory...

0.5% risk per trade (STANDARD ERIC)

Thats pretty impressive isn't it? However, have a look when we increase the risk per trade to 1%

1.0% risk per trade (TURBO ERIC)

That is pretty amazing but most importantly it really is doable...Even if we get half of these results I'm sure you would still be happy.