Version 2.0 released and live

We are proud to finally release ERIC v2.0 which has been the result of virtually 24/7 data crunching of our starter strategies to produce much improved strategies all operating with strict rules and guidelines.

Version 2.0 has taken all of our existing strategies and improved them significantly. By improvements we don't always mean getting huge returns - we mean getting small, consistent returns - safely. The addition of all of these sub strategies make up ERIC which you can then copy directly to your account.

For members, exact details of all strategies and how to connect to ERIC v2.0 today are in our members area. Here is what we have up and running today...

We are well on track to have completed Stage 1 by June and then on to Stage 2. All the while we are monitoring the complete system and tweaking and improving all the time. This is a long term project and we will be taking things cautiously to ensure that we get decades of good returns from ERIC.

Stay Tuned

Posted 24 February 2021