v2.0 is almost complete

Based on our analysis of live trading of early ERIC, we identified some key properties that EVERY strategy should have to maximise profitability of ERIC as well as reduce risk. In a nutshell they are:

Every strategy in v2.0 and onwards will contain the following features:-

  • Have a definite Stop Loss when order is placed
  • Have a Trailing Stop component to maximise returns when market turns
  • Have a Close at Break Even plus pips component again to lock in profits.
  • Has to be back tested with high quality data for a minimum of 5 years on at least 2 platforms
  • Must have at least a 60% win/loss ratio in all back testing
  • Must have a Profit Factor of at least 1.3 in all back testing

We have been reviewing and rebuilding all existing strategies with this new criteria at around 100 hours of data crunching per strategy. This is well worth it for the long haul.

Here is the current overview of v2.0 strategies trading on ERIC right now...

Here is our final projection for when we complete Stage 2 - estimated early 2022

Posted 11 February 2021