Upgrades to version 2.1 almost complete

The last few weeks we have spent all of our energy and time into improving the exit strategies for each strategy. This was highlighted as an area of potential improvement based on our live trading and will essentially make the whole Eric ecosystem much more stable. It will do this by exiting trades often much sooner and also locking in early profits when possible.

Now that we have systems and known specifications to work with, we have now sped up this process and expect to have the whole portfolio  upgraded by the 18th June which is in line with our initial goal of having Stage 1 complete by June 30th. 

The next stage will be two fold:

1. To add diversity by trading different markets eg Crypto, indices, commodities etc

2. Learn from live trading results by constant monitoring and continue tweaking and improving existing strategies in Stage 1.

Posted 10 June 2021