Stage 1 complete!!!

Well it is the 1st July which is the beginning of the new financial year here in Australia and we have completed and bedded in Stage 1 in line with our stated development goal.

This is a huge achievement with many lessons learned and literally thousands of hours of development time to get to a point where we have a really solid base now and can now focus on improving returns.

At present, this is the makeup of all twenty (20) sub strategies making up ERIC and their 'average' annual return over the last 6 years..

A detailed report will be posted soon highlighting our achievements, where we are now and what the vision is for the future. 

We are now up to ERIC version 2.1 and have launched two (2) new master accounts live last week.

Version 2.1 MASTER LIVE

This is the new master account and is setup with with all version 2.1 sub strategies as well as being hosted on a much more powerful and reliable server. Our stated goal is an 'average' of 6% per month which will essentially double our capital each year. This is very achievable but we do have to expect variations each month and expect periods of feast and famine. As long as we protect our capital, we can ride out the famine times:)

Version 2.1 TURBO (beta)

Now that we have a good solid base we are experimenting with profitability by trade sizes. We have started a 'beta' TURBO ERIC which essentially doubles all standard trade sizes to a maximum of 0.2 lots (on a $10K account) The effect of this should be that we get close to double the returns but we will also experience higher drawdowns. Another unknown in a live environment is how close we will go with reaching our new ASIC low margin regime. We believe it will be fine but only live testing will give us the answer. We will watch this for a few months before releasing it for live trading.

We look forward to building on this solid base and over one year of solid, hard work.

Posted 01 July 2021