On our way to 100% p/a*

Since starting v2.0 we have had the ASIC technical glitch as well as a slow market which only gave us a bit over 2% for the first month. However, this is actually quite a good start considering the following:

  • We only had a few strategies to start with and new, updated ones were added during this period
  • The Master account was turned off an on a few times due to technical issues due to the ASIC changes. Also, a couple of test manual trades were put in there as well to stress test the low leverage regime.
  • The low drawdown is one of the very big features as it is proving the low risk side of the whole system.
  • It was a reasonably slow and boring month on the markets

ON OUR WAY TO 100% p/a*

Lets have a look at how improving our average monthly returns dramatically improves the annual returns...

You can easily see how a small increase in monthly returns affects our compounded annual returns. Our first target is 6% per month (doubling your money each year)and then we will slowly try and improve on that.

All the while we will keep diversity high and risk low.

Exciting times..

Posted 07 April 2021