No Magic Bullet

There is no magic bullet when building a long term, profitable trading strategy. The markets are just too unpredictable and changing to have a ‘one size fits all’ type approach. There are also many different styles of trading for different investment criteria like scalping, trend following, momentum trading and so on.

We have settled on the ‘diversified portfolio’ approach. As experts in building individual trading strategies, we create a large pool of strategies that give a very diverse portfolio. Diversity is created by trading different currency pairs, different time periods and different strategy styles. Also, each strategy only trades a very small portion of the overall account which adds to sensible risk management.

Another great aspect of using a ‘portfolio’ approach like we do is that we can add, change, remove or improve any of the individual trading strategies at any time without affecting the portfolio as a whole. This gives us the ability to continually improve the end product based on our constant monitoring and R&D.

Posted 20 September 2023