Compounding Effects

After decades of experience, the story of the tortoise and the hare hold a lot of truth. It's no use having a strategy or service that performs well for a while only to crash and burn in the future. It's all a waste of time really - plus a lot of stress and lost money!

ERIC is designed to be very safe, very boring but very profitable for the long haul. Below are three (3) scenarios which show you the mazing power of compounding even with returns as low as 3% per month.

This is what ERIC is designed to do...

3% per month

5% per month

7.5% per month

As you can see, the numbers get very big over a decade. Sure there will be many variables over that time including different monthly returns, deposits, withdrawals, tax rates etc but these graphs give you some idea of what ERIC is striving for.

We hope you enjoy the ride with us...

Posted 30 November 2020