Just out of interest, we decided to look at what the best superfunds have been doing for us in recent times. We analysed the TOP 15 super funds as ranked by and a common story emerged...

It seems that the 'best of the best' did quite well last year with some around 20% returns, but on average for the past 3 to 5 years, the average return has been around the 10% mark.

Now of course we can't compare with the long term results of these funds as we have only been live since Feb 2023, but we are currently targeting (and on target) to 40% p/a* and that is on our very conservative model.

Our less conservative models, combined with our new, improved strategies are on target for between 70% and 100% p/a*. 

The other important design feature with our systems, is that they are designed to achieve similar results in any external market conditions. This means that we should see similar returns each year.

Now, of course, we aren't giving investment advice, but we are trying to show that it is possible to get much higher than average returns WITHOUT increasing risk. You can see more on our risk management policies in other documents but essentially, the maximum risk on our conservative strategies is only 10%. Considering we are aiming at 40% p/a plus, that is a pretty good risk/reward ratio we believe.

* as always, please seek financial advice on any investment decision.

Posted 08 October 2023