Action Plan for 2021 

The review and analysis of recent trading has proven many of the positive aspects of ERIC and has highlighted some urgent tasks to address first as we move on through our growth phase of 2021.


Improve profitability

Sounds like a no brainer that we want to improve profitability asap but remember that profitability is just part of the mix that all have to be in place for a long term , successful trading system. The others are of course - equity protection, technical reliability, ease of use and constant review and development.

Saying that, profitability is right up there in importance and that is what is being worked on right now!

From our recent analysis we have determined that we need more short term (scalping) strategies in place. So far we have focused on slow to medium style trading which will, over time, produce good returns. The problem is that we may get weeks/months of poor performance before a turn around which reduces confidence all around. Therefore we will be adding newly developed scalping strategies over the next couple of months and maybe removing some existing strategies.

New Improved development software and hardware

As a stroke of luck, our main developing software Strategy Quant has just done a major upgrade with some much improved features and after only a couple of days, we are starting to get some solid scalping strategies already.

As of next week, we will also have received our new dedicated, high powered computer to run this software for longer periods at a faster speed which will greatly improve the speed and quality of new strategy development

Other tasks in the pipeline

Once we have developed and added some scalping strategies to ERIC we will then continuing on our development into many other areas to increase diversity and profitability.

Please download the report below to see exactly what our vision and plans are. Over the next few weeks, we envisage to have a much more detailed plan with more specific time frames.

Stay Tuned!

Download November 2020 Vision and Future Plans Report Here

Posted 20 January 2021