100% Confidence in back testing results..

It is exciting times here at Eric central as we now have enough data to test live results against the back testing results that we use to develop our trading strategies. This was also a nervous time as if we didn't get good correlation between what we expect and what we actually get, it would put a very big dent in our confidence and current development processes. 

The end result of our analysis is that we get absolutely perfect correlation between what we got in our live trading and what we saw when we back tested the same period. Now sure, we have the latest state of the art software and market data sources and knew that we should get close results but we got far better than we could ever have imagined!

So what does this give us? It gives us complete confidence to continue improving and developing trading strategies using our current techniques know that the end product will deliver EXACTLY as predicted. 

Please READ THE FULL REPORT (pdf file) and see the data here

Posted 30 May 2021