15 years in the making

ERIC started in concept about a year ago after 15 years of trying to produce a ‘one size fits all’ trading strategy which, in hindsight, is impossible. 

The market is simply too variable for just one strategy style to work profitably forever

What we have learned though, is that it is relatively easy to produce simple, diverse strategies that will be profitable and reliable for the long term - if we just lower our sights and aim for a much lower return on each.

If we run these different strategies at the same time, the combination of these smaller individual strategies make up ERIC as a whole.

When the wild markets at the beginning of the COVID crisis hit, we decided that it was finally time to make this ERIC concept into reality.

We have state of the art development technology and 15 years of practical experience and we are well on our way.

We now have a product that is safe and making profits already. It's getting very, very exciting as we get closer to our end game. We'd love you to join us on this ride.