ERIC isn't scared of the next market crash. Using the latest technology, he will help you grow your capital safely - no matter what the economic conditions are like... 


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Introducing ERIC: A highly advanced, unique trading system developed by industry professionals. It's designed to make solid profits even during volatile or indecisive markets. Best of all, it's also designed to do this with very low risk*.  NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED

Who is ERIC?

ERIC is a fully automated trading robot (bot) with a major difference. ERIC is made up of multiple low return, low risk bots designed to deliver a high return, low risk, diverse strategy that we can use with confidence.

This is a major breakthrough in strategy design. It is IMPOSSIBLE to build a single strategy that will be safe AND highly profitable in all markets. ERIC overcomes this by utilising multiple inputs from multiple markets designed to give safe*, consistent profits in ALL market conditions. Best of all, ERIC will be continually growing AND adapting so ERIC will work for us for decades to come.

Targeting 6%* returns per month (average)

6% is targeted because it is very achievable and this target essentially doubles your money each and every year. Anything above that is a bonus. Anything below this is still great! Please remember that we are doing this with capital protection as a number one priority so it is not gambling - rather a solid medium to long term investment vehicle.

ERIC is new but have a look at the results that we have achieved manually over the last couple of years during our R&D. We expect ERIC to have similar returns. This chart shows you what 10% per month can deliver - we started with $25K


ERIC 20 TURBO is up and running now



 Now that we have 20 fully developed strategies and more under way, we can now offer different versions for different risk profiles.

7th October 2021


 ERIC 20 Version 2.2

Who needs ERIC?

If you want to invest some spare capital or a portion of your self managed super fund with the aim of achieving 6% per month*  with a very low and defined risk then ERIC is for you. You can start from $2000 or a million dollars - whatever you are comfortable with. 

We don't want your money

Oh, most importantly, you don’t give us, or any third party, your money. You put the money into a trading account in your name and ERIC will trade it on your behalf. No-one has access to your money and you have full control at all times. 

ERIC also comes with a max 20% fixed risk guarantee. As we all know capital protection is paramount. Of course, you can't make money without risking a bit, but ERIC trades very conservatively with every trade having specific stop losses. On top of that, our state of the art, back end system has a hard stop loss set at 20% of your equity. If everything goes pear shaped, it will close out all trades and prevent any new ones.

After only a few months, this protection will probably be above your initial capital input meaning that your investment is 100% risk free from this point on.

Some of ERIC’s Impressive Features

  • ERIC is an automated trading system like no other in existence

  • Aiming for 6% per month with very low risk* 

  • No technical skills required. We have made it very simple for you to connect to ERIC

  • Based on 15 years of constant Research and Development of automated systems PLUS full time, professional real life trading experience

  • Risk is small and defined upfront. Your capital is protected with multiple fail-safe systems in place so you can sleep easy.

  • After only a few months, it is expected that your initial capital is 100% protected meaning it is a risk free investment from then.

  • ERIC is designed to be adaptive, improvable, resilient and long lasting

  • Hands off system  Once set up, ERIC will trade automatically. You don’t do anything.

  • Multiple risk settings to suit your risk profile

  • No lock in contracts. You can use ERIC for one month or 20 years. It’s up to you.


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